Get familiar with Redis by building an e-commerce site with Node.js, Express & Redis



Setting up the app

Caching in Redis

Redis as NoSQL Document Database

Session Management with Redis

Remaining Routes



If you’re reading this, I assume that you’ve at least looked up the definition of Redis, and are looking for a more practical approach to getting to grips with it. Simply put,

Redis is a popular choice for caching, session management, gaming, leader boards, real-time analytics, geospatial, ride-hailing, chat/messaging, media streaming, and pub/sub apps.

Redis is best suited for fast data retrieval. This is achieved by Redis’ in-memory storage. Most database storage occurs…

Get up and running with MongoDB & Mongoose by creating a Node.js app


1. Overview

2. Installation

3. MongoDB GUI

4. Connecting our application

5. Conclusion


This tutorial is for beginners who know a bit of JavaScript and want to get started using MongoDB.

We’ll create a NodeJS app using the Express framework with MongoDB serving as our database. It’s a simple personal library, in which we’ll be able to:

  • View a list of books.
  • Add a book.
  • Add comments about a book.
  • View a specific book and the comments…

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